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Martel Upholstery: Providing a new beginning for old favourites

Most people have an “old” item of furniture at home which needs rescuing. It may be a family hand-me-down, an item scrounged from a secondhand shop or a valuable antique bought at auction.

The current approach to interior design is for a mix of elements. Antique, vintage, Scandinavian, oriental, tribal, indigenous, industrial and found objects can all sit comfortably with contemporary furniture and contemporary architecture.

Upholstering and restoration is the process by which “old” items can be updated. For example, in the last twenty years the value of much Victorian furniture has decreased, however many people are currently transforming Victorian gents chairs, ladies chairs, dining chairs, wing chairs and even chaise longues with bold, fresh contemporary fabrics.  Antique restoration requires the application of traditional techniques, and Martel staff are very skilled in techniques like diamond buttoning, double piping and braiding.

Martel will help you transform your older pieces through help with fabric selection and  restoration. Many older pieces have timber frames which need repairing and repolishing and Martel can provide this restoration service for you either in its workshop in Richmond or through a referral to a another restorer..






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